10 Best Minimalist Wallpapers for iPhone x

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism highlights the beauty of shape and form, removing any excess detail from the space. It is a form of design — more than just a superficial style. Its goal is to communicate the essence or essentials, to let the user experience purity and elegance. It does this by leaving away all forms of decoration (in that sense, minimalism is not ‘reductionist’ — it is ‘non-additionist’) and limiting itself to basic geometric shapes, honest materials, and clear surfaces.

When I think about a minimalist design the iPod Nano is (still) a good example of minimalist design. It uses basic geometric shapes (two rectangles and a circle) and apart from the Apple logo on the back, the body is free from decoration.

And then there’s the clickwheel. It combines multiple buttons into one and releases tons of features without ever having to lift your fingers once. Now is it ‘simple’ or ‘minimalist’? Neither. It is just very smart and elegant.

Minimalism and the use of whitespace are big design trends right now. Mastery of these techniques might look easy at first glance, but it is actually quite difficult to design with so much open space and so few objects. It can be hard for clients to come to terms with because they often want as much information as possible on a canvas.

But many designers like the look of minimal styles and maximizing whitespace can be a fun challenge. It’s a technique that translates well across mediums and can be used in print,


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